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We help mission driven healthcare organizations reap the benefits of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and integrate these tenants into health services delivery


Insiders changing healthcare from the inside out

Watching Video Lecture

Equity Training Workshops

Implicit bias in the healthcare space

Health equity and Social determinants of Health

Racial Equity:  Interrogating power and privilege in healthcare spaces

Striving toward Equity:  Understanding the role Reproductive health and Justice in health services delivery

6 steps to patient empowerment in the healthcare space

Navigating patient bias for clinicians 

Topics can be created and customized for your organization


Implicit Bias in Healthcare Spaces 

Our implicit bias training increases self awareness around the ways in which we as individuals and our systems harm patients. 

Our participatory workshops guide participants through practices that improve the patient experience while strengthening skills using a social justice lens.


Pregnancy Prep Decoded

Black women are more likely to have severe complications in pregnancy, and doctors are less likely to listen to them. 


This workshop gives you the tools to optimize your health for pregnancy, and navigate the pregnancy journey with confidence and agency. 



“The course was extremely helpful in helping me to realize that many women have pre-existing conditions and are able to have successful pregnancies but preparation is key.  Dr. Alisha helped to debunk myths around having children later in life and presented the material in a humorous, and down to earth manner, which made me feel at ease.   She makes it clear that preparing for pregnancy is a mind and body experience.  Practicing affirmations has helped me to get in a better head space regarding being a mom.  I really enjoyed the session whereby we were oriented to the female anatomy so I am more informed about my body.  She also helped me to prioritize tasks needed to begin preparation and generate questions I can ask my physicians when I am ready to inform them of my intention of getting pregnant.   The pregnancy prep course also helped to hold me accountable as I make changes in my daily habits to improve my overall health and increase chances of conceiving.  The focus on the nutrients needed and where they are found was extremely helpful.  The nutritional recommendations and how to decrease exposure to toxins/hormone disruptors was also extremely helpful.” 


Laura W.

Baltimore, MD

March  2020


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