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Pregnancy Buddy

A Concierge Pregnancy Navigation Service

A Trusted Source of Support During Your Pregnancy and Postpartum Journey  


Individuals facing health challenges, with limited psychosocial support, non traditional family structures, or those racing against nature's biological clock may need extra guidance moving through this process.   

Using our unique P.L.A.N. method, we ease fears and help you move through the hoops and hurdles of pregnancy with confidence and agency.  



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Critical Stages of Pregnancy



A healthy pregnancy begins before conception.  Improving your overall health, preventing and treating chronic disease, and increasing your agency with your doctor, may result in a healthier pregnancy with fewer complications.  


Learn the dos and don'ts of pre- pregnancy planning, and where to start to ensure you are in the best place physically, mentally, and spiritually to start a family.

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Pregnancy can be both a wonderful time and an anxious time as you prepare for expansion of your family.  With many i's to dot and t's to cross, there is much to plan for.  


We take you step by step through your pregnancy journey, and cover all the topics your doctor never has time for.  We also place special focus on navigating health systems as a person of color, developing a birth plan, and postpartum planning.



The "fourth trimester" also known as the period after birth is critically important for recovery, adjustment, and bonding with your baby.

We provide medical consult to ensure your postpartum journey is on the right track for you and your infant.  You will also get  the support you need to care for your baby, feed your baby, care for yourself, and navigate health care systems for both you and your baby.  

Let's Explore How A Pregnancy Buddy Can Support You On Your Journey 

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