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Centering Health Equity
With Black Moms In Mind 

We work with systems, providers, and patients to shift culture, practice, and behavior to promote optimal health among diverse populations

Medical Expertise.  Advocacy.  Equity.

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63% of Black women have had negative health experiences

Racism, and poor treatment are root causes of health disparities among Black Women

Group Lecture
Pregnant Woman and Partner
Young Business Colleagues

We help mission driven organizations adopt a social justice lens, and tenets of health equity into practice

Get health coaching, support, and assistance with navigation through the healthcare system while pregnant or post partum. 

We coach individuals, teams, early and mid career health professionals, and medical trainees with career planning, working through challenges, and strategizing methods to improve the patient and workplace experience.



Dr. Alisha shares medical information in a peer-to-peer format, delivers compelling presentations, and written op eds to all  audiences  

Our customizable workshops delve deeper into issues of equity in health care spaces.

Check our our newest offering:  Implicit Bias Training in Healthcare Spaces

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Implicit Bias in Healthcare Spaces

A Pregnancy Resource For Women Of Color 

Black moms are 3-4x more likely to experience adverse birth outcomes in this country.  Studies show that implicit bias is a major driver of this disparity. 

We advocate for mothers of color on their reproductive journey to positively impact more healthy pregnancies and healthy infants.

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Meet Dr. Alisha

Alisha Liggett, MD known as Dr. Alisha is a board certified family medicine doctor, with a clinical practice based in New York City.  She graduated with a bachelors degree from Columbia University, then earned her MD degree from University of Maryland, Baltimore.

Client Testimonial

“Dr. Alisha was informative, enthusiastic, funny and encouraging! She shared lots of information and insight in each session, from setting positive intentions and routines to the importance of micronutrients and which fresh foods contain each one. The best part of my Sunday evenings during the course were talking with my partner about all I had learned in a session and planning changes we’re making in our diets, habits and household products.”

Miyo T.

New York, NY

February 2020


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